So I finally popped my Comic Con Cherry!

I attended the Comic Con Midlands at Telford International  with my family in February.

Why on earth I had never been to one of these events I will never know!?! As a self proclaimed film buff and comic geek, a lover of anything Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter I feel rather embarrassed that I had never joined the army of Cosplayers, Gamers, and film fanatics before.

You know what feeling when you feel like the loner? The wierdo? Well that used to be me. Until now. I finally feel I have found my calling, so gang, I will see you around. If you have any suggestions of what I should go dressed as on my next outing please comment below.

Attending Telford Comic Con 2016

If you spot me at any future Comic Con Events, please do come and say hi, I am already planning my outfit for the my next time, San Diego Comic Con is definitely my destination target, so watch this space!

For future Comic Con events throughout the UK please visit the MCM website.

Credit’s for images and video – TOFUCUTEBIRCHAMS ARTTV AND FILM SCRIPTSDARK GOODIESLTD EDITION COMIX. If you spot yourself on the images above, please email me and I will credit you and link to your web page.